Liepkalnis: here winter lasts longer!

Our aim is to maintain Liepkalnis the centre of attraction of winter sports enthusiasts, amateurs and professional sportsmen as well as Vilnius residents and guests seeking for entertainment through application of the highest quality and service standards.

Renovated ski runs with new lifts

In total there are 10 ski runs in Liepkalnis; all ski runs have been renovated and improved. The ski runs are classified according to the level of complexity that everyone could find the most suitable run for himself/herself: from the beginner to the veteran. There is one green ski run for the beginners, four blue ski runs for intermediate skiers, three red ski runs for advanced skiers and one black ski runs for experienced skiers. In total ten lifts are lifting skiers to the ski runs: two lifts for children, seven T-bar/platter lifts which are already known and one absolutely new T-bar/platter lift for the snow park.

Snow is guaranteed by ten snow cannons

Today for us to work we don’t need snow storms; -3 ºC temperature is enough for production of snow. This is guaranteed even by 10 snow cannons, a large water reservoir and a pumping station. This powerful water and electricity system ensures operation of all snow guns what guarantees high quality and timely production of snow in the ski runs.

Certainly, it is not enough to produce snow, it must be maintained; we have three snow grooming machines (snowcats) (one of them is specially adapted for upkeep of the snow park) for snow levelling. Moreover, after preparation of the ski runs, one may ski on them even at above-zero temperature, since the minimum snow cover thickness is 30 cm, thus, snow does not melt so fast. The only act of God that may affect snow cover is rain, since it quickly melts snow.

Snow park: now larger and better

After opening the main ski runs, we are planning to work with the snow park, i.e. the greatest joy of snowboarders, at maximum capacity. This season it will be not only bigger, but also will have around twenty figures of different complexity and a T-bar/platter lift used only for the snow park. We have a snow groomer Parkbully used exceptionally for the upkeep of the snow park.

Safety and convenience have been appropriately addressed

Particularly great attention has been paid to safety: five stationary lines of protective networks and protective mattresses have been set up and, if necessary, more safeguards will be applied. Furthermore, everyone willing to learn and improve own skills will be able to do this in Liepkalnis Ski School with professional instructors. A larger rental centre with entirely new sports equipment: in total around 300 skis and 200 snowboards a part of which is tailored specially for children.

We have

- 300 pairs of slalom skis – Fischer
- 25 pairs of “twin tip” skis – Fischer
- 200 snowboards – Bataleon TBT

Here you can enjoy skiing not only with modern lighting system which prolongs the working hours till 10:00 p.m./12:00 a.m., but also the audio system playing music on the whole hill every day.