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For begginers

The season is over!

Ski slopes map
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1. How to get to LIEPKALNIS?

Our address is Minskos pl.  2, We have a large and free parking lot.  Public transport also runs here (Žirniai st.).


2. What is the order and where to go after you arrival?

If you will be skiing with an instructor, first go to the ski school, after registration for the lesson, then to the equipment rental point and to the cash desk.  If you are going to ski on your own, but do not have your own equipment, first go to the equipment rental point, and only then to the cash desk.  Well, if you have everything - go straight to the cash register.

3. Do you need to have your own equipment?

If you are just starting to ski, don't rush to buy or even borrow from friends.  For the first time, we recommend renting the equipment, so you will definitely get the right size equipment for you, suitable for your height and weight.

 4. What do you need to know before renting ski equipment?

Height, weight and exact shoe size.  Based on this data, the rental staff will select the most suitable equipment for you.

 5. How to dress appropriately?

When skiing, it is important to dress not too warm/cold.  Clothing should be moisture resistant and breathable.  Do not wear knitted woolen socks (a sweaty foot in a ski boot will distort the size of the boot), avoid woolen knitted gloves or hats - you will get sweaty and cold.  Instead of a scarf, it is most comfortable to wear a neck scarf.  Simple socks for sports or skiing are best, gloves should be moisture resistant.  Also inappropriate clothing would be jeans, trainers, very warm and fluffy clothes.  Don't rush to buy clothes, unlike inventory you can always borrow from friends.

 6. Why you need an instructor when skiing for the first time? And why is an instructor better than a skiing friend or com lessons?

The ski instructor will tell you all the first and most important steps before you start skiing, you will learn the most important safety elements, the most important rules of movement and orientation in mountain traffic.  The lesson is dynamic, during it you will learn both sliding and braking - this is the most important thing in skiing.  Learning with the help of an instructor reduces the chance of injuries both during and after the lesson.  With the help of an instructor, progress is much faster than learning on your own, so you will be able to experience the pleasure of skiing faster and safer.

 7. How many lessons are needed?

It takes 2-4 lessons on average to learn the basics, but it depends on age, physical fitness and physical intelligence.

 8. What if I'm afraid of falling and getting hurt?

It is for your safety and well-being that you should be with an instructor when skiing for the first time.  With skis you will fall only when you learn to fall, with a snowboard it is likely only a couple of times.  The instructor will look after and protect you, the route will be chosen only according to your capabilities.


 9. How to register for a lesson?

You have to call, SCHOOL, whose contacts you can find here: If you didn’t have answer, don't worry - they will definitely call you back.

 10. When to arrive before the lesson?

Depending on the intensity of traffic and the number of skiing students, 30 - 60 min.  before skiing.  When registering for a lesson, the school administration will inform you about the optimal arrival time.

 11. Where to pay for the LESSON?

For the instructor's lessons, you can pay at the school.

 12. When is the best time to register for a class?                                     

During the day, during working hours, because the number of skiers is lower at this time.

 13. What weather conditions are suitable for learning to ski?

If you can't see snow out the window, it doesn't mean that the ski center is not working.  You can check the information on our FACEBOOK page, and also you can call us

 14. What are the prices for a ski instructor lesson?  

                     Lesson prices can be found here: 

 15. Is it possible to give an instructor's lesson as a gift? 

  Gift coupons can be purchased at the Liepkalnis ski school and online: