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Winter entertainment

Winter season ended!

Ski slopes map
Web cameras

We are very grateful to be able to open a ski center in such conditions!

But it also means a number of restrictions that both we and you will have to comply with and it will depend on whether or not our activities are closed again.

  • Come in 10-15 minutes. before your ski start time;
  • IMPORTANT: We remind you that there are still restrictions on movement between municipalities. Assess whether you live and can ski in the same municipality. 
  • The number of customers on the ski slopes will be limited. The services are provided only with advance reservation on online platforms by reserving a specific time;
  • Persons are not allowed to be in the area without a valid and visible ski ticket;
  • Maximum non-renewable skiing time - 2 hours;
  • A maximum of 2 tickets can be booked per booking.
  • The masks covering the nose and mouth are mandatory for all persons from 6 years of age. both on arrival and waiting in line and descending from the mountain;
  • Have your own ski equipment. The rental point is not working, it will not be possible to get there to change clothes or leave things.
  • The ski school is closed and ski lessons are not provided;
  • Collection of tickets for a customer in the open field (through the box);
  • Payment by bank card only;
  • Use of disinfectants;
  • Safe minimum distance of 3-5 meters between skiers;
  • Only one customer raises per lift telescope (regardless of its type);
  • In the queue at the lifts, if it is formed, a safe minimum distance of 2 meters between skiers is mandatory.
  • Sailing is strictly forbidden throughout the area, both at the top of the mountain and at the lifts;
  • There will be constant on-call and patrol of ski center staff to ensure compliance with the rules.
  • Ski center staff reserve the right to cancel a ticket without notice for minor violations.
  • At the end of your ski time within 10 minutes. you must leave the ski resort area;
  • By purchasing tickets, you agree with the general rules of the ski center and during the quarantine.


BOOK AN APPOINTMENT AND PURCHASE TICKETSėjimo-bilietas-ir-rezervacija-73363/ 

Tickets are distributed by BILIETAI LT. More information on the website


Information on new ticket distribution:

Monday tickets start ➡ on Fridays at 10:00 h

Tuesday tickets ➡ Saturdays 10:00 h

Wednesday tickets iais Sundays 10:00 h

Thursday tickets ➡ Mondays 10:00 h

Friday tickets ➡ Tuesdays 10:00 h

Saturday and Sunday tickets ➡ Wednesdays 10:00 h


* this schedule is subject to change


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