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Ski slopes map
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Liepkalnis – where the winter lasts longer!

Our aim is to provide best skiing experience with high standards and friendly atmosphere. Moreover we want to create friendly skiers/snowboarders community where all kind of people would be happy: amateurs, veterans and professionals.

Ski lifts and tracks: all for the convenience of our visitors!

There are 10 ski lifts and 10 tracks in Liepkalnis. The tracks are categorized according to their level of difficulty, therefore all skiers of different levels will find their favorite one.  There is one green track - for beginers, four blue for more intermediate skiers, tree red for more advanced skiers and one black one for really advanced skiers and snowboarders. There are 10 ski lifts that help to access the tracks. This year a brand new belt lift in the beginners track is installed. It will surely make all the learning process more easier and enjoyable.  

Snow making process is trusted for 12 snowmaking machines

As of today there is no need for dramatic minus temperatures, the snowmaking process can start when the minus temperatures hit the thermometers. Thanks to big snowmaking infrastructure under the mountain and 12 snowmaking machines, the winter in Liepkalnis can really last longer. Moreover, by employing this innovative snow making system we can adapt to quick weather changes and maintain high quality track conditions as long as possible.

In order to maintain high quality snow in the track we have 3 retracks for, which enables to compress the snow and make the depth of it 30cm. and more. 

Snow park – biggest in Baltic states

It is used that Liepkalnis snow park has 20 to 30 different obstacles for different level extreme lovers. Also, every season there is a competition held and everybody can roll in.